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BG-250D bakery products bread cookies biscuits flow packing machine

Panasonic PLC and Panasonic double inverters driven

Can pack with bread cookies biscuits 

Option device: 

Date printer ,Euro slot unit hanging hole ,round shape hanging hole ,nitrogen filling device,Alcohol sprayer,304 stainless steel frame

Technical specifications

Film width: Max.240mm

Bag length:

Double knives: 65-190mm/90-220mm

Single knives: 120-280mm/150-330mm

Products height: 1-55mm

Film roll diameter: max.320mm

Packing speed: 40-230bags/min

Power specification: 110V/220V/380V 50/60HZ 2.4KW

Machine size : (L) 3770 * (W) 670 * (H) 1400 mm

Machine weight: 370KG

Afer-sales service

1. Each machine with the relevant English operating instructions.

2. Our engineers can operate through a video demonstration.

3. professional engineers will answer the techonical questiones at wroking time by phone call or WhatsApp or other tools.

4. Sending engineer to overseas for installation and training is agreed.


The feature of the Packing machine 

1.Cross seal and middle seal are controlled by independent  motor. With simple mechanical structure, stable operation, and low noise.

2.High speed, high accuracy, the maximum speed can be up to 230 bags / min.

3.Human machine interface,convenient and smart parameter settings.

4.Automatic fault diagnosis function,fault displayed clearly.

5.Color tracking, digital input seal cutting position, make the seal cutting position more accuracy.

6.Double supporting paper structure, automatic film connecting device, simple film changing , quick and accuracy.

7.All controls can be implemented by software system, facilitate functional tuning and technical upgrading, and never fall behind.

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