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How much is a pillow-type mask packaging machine
2021-05-20 16:56:00 Source:Boga packaging Author:Boga editor Click:135

Under the influence of the new crown virus epidemic in February 2020, masks and mask production machines and pillow-type mask packaging machines for mask packaging have become the most popular topics at present. The editor below will discuss with you how much a pillow-type mask packaging machine costs. , This is also one of the main concerns of customers at this stage.

First, when a customer purchases a pillow-type mask packaging machine, we usually need to understand the customer’s needs for packaging masks. For example, some customers have 1 piece of 1 pack or 10 pieces/20/50 pieces, and our mask packaging machine is Customized according to the packaging specifications, large models of machines can be compatible with small packaging quantities, but small ones cannot be compatible with large quantities of packaging. Customers should choose the machine that suits their packaging specifications to be the most cost-effective, instead of blindly choosing the largest model.

The second is the price. At present, the most common pillow-type mask packaging machine model is the BG-350X downward film pillow-type packaging machine produced by Bojia Packaging Machinery. The BG-350X packaging machine can pack 1-10 pieces of masks. , Is currently the customer who uses this packaging specification the most, how much is the price of this BG-350X? At present, the price of this type of packaging machine needs to fluctuate according to the changes in the raw materials on the market.

Third, BG-250X is a single-piece disposable mask packaging machine, which can pack 1 piece at a time. Features: fast packaging speed, high cost performance

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