Lower membrane reciprocating type
Different Machines to Meet All Needs
BG-600XW Lower membrane reciprocating type

echnical specifications

Film width: Max.590mm

Bag length:

Single knives: 150-450mm

Products height: max.150mm

Film roll diameter: max.320mm

Packing speed: 40-230bags/min

Power specification: 110V/220V/380V 50/60HZ 3.2KW

Machine size : (L) 4426 * (W) 960 * (H) 1514 mm

Machine weight: 950KG

(2) Optional assembly

1. Coding machine 2, punching machine 3, all stainless steel 4, touch screen 5, inflation device 6, exhaust device 7, no material shutdown function

Afer-sales service

1. Each machine with the relevant English operating instructions.

2. Our engineers can operate through a video demonstration.

3. professional engineers will answer the techonical questiones at wroking time by phone call or WhatsApp or other tools.

4. Sending engineer to overseas for installation and training is agree

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