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BG-350D fully automatic food processing and packaging machinery

Foshan Bogal Packing Machinery Co Ltd(Foshan AOLIDE Packing Machinery Co, Ltd) located at Foshan City.Guangdong Province in China. We have experienced 12 years since started to design & develop Double Horizontal Packing Machine, so that can meet the big command

Now, we have about hundred kinds of machines, apply mofe than thirty industry line. And we upgrade to Full automatic three servo motors, four servo motors flow pack machine /Applying to food, hardware parts, hotel supplies, home supplies health suppliers, office suppliers, medical, toy, electrical components, and plastic products

Food Packaging Machinery

1、 Technical parameters

Main belt width: 600/750/1000mm

Speed: 40-230 bags/min

Power specification: 220V, 50/60Hz, 3.2KW

2、 Performance characteristics

1. It can directly connect to the front-end processing line to meet the requirements of large-scale, batch, automated and efficient production packaging. It can also use manual dumping of materials to meet the requirements of small-scale and diversified packaging.

2. Personalize design based on product characteristics to avoid squeezing and deformation of materials. In case of material congestion and unsuccessful stacking and turning, it can be proposed to ensure the continuity and stability of production packaging.

3. Adopting humanized design, installation and disassembly are simple and fast.

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