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BG1000-350DAN Upper film packaging machinery

Film width: Max.340mm

Bag length:

Double knives: 65-190mm/90-220mm

Single knives: 120-280mm/150-350mm

Products height: 1-60mm

Film roll diameter: max.320mm

Packing speed: 20-230bags/min

Power specification: 110V/220V/380V 50/60HZ 2.4KW

Machine size :L3600*W810*H1124mm

Main performance and structural characteristics

1. Three servo motors and PLC control, the bag length is already cut, without the need to adjust the air travel, one-step positioning, time-saving and film saving

2. Equipped with anti aircraft bag function, with automatic material packaging and no material waiting status.

3. Fault self-diagnosis function, clear fault display at a glance.

4. High sensitivity photoelectric eye color tracking, digital input of sealing position, making the sealing position more accurate.

5. Temperature independent PID control, better suited for various packaging materials.

6. Positioning and shutdown function, without sticking the knife and wasting the envelope.

7. The transmission system is simple, works more reliably, and maintenance is more convenient.

8. All controls are implemented by software, making it easy to adjust functions and upgrade technology, never falling behind.

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